From dancer to trash collector to evangelist

OM International | Costa Rica

Maria* is a dancer from Costa Rica, who attended OM Arts International’s Arts Academy in Italy called Incarnate. After the Academy had finished Maria and four other dancers went to Israel to share and show God’s love for His people using their talents and what they had learned. During their visit they didn’t only use dancing but also other acts of service.

One morning, Maria and the other dancers were collecting trash along a river shore.

“There [in Israel], the best way to show that you love God is through your actions” Maria shares. “A young military man came up, with big weapons at his side and asked us why we were collecting trash. He was surprised by my response that we were there to love and serve the people of Israel. He said that I must be an angel because no one does that.”

The young man engaged in conversation, curious about Maria’s purpose in Israel. “One can’t say directly that they are a missionary in Israel. I was nervous speaking with him, but I told him that we were here because we believe in God, Jesus, and his love, and want to be a blessing to them all in this park. He was surprised and a little apprehensive but quietly asked me to share more about Jesus and I did. God uses these little things, these little moments, to plant seeds of faith. I shared my testimony about how God has changed my life. I put him in contact with the local OM leaders and they are doing follow-up with him. Something so simple was able to reflect God’s love and plant a seed.”

Please pray for those using arts to reach out to people around the world, to reflect and share the love of Christ.

*Name changed.

Published: Wednesday, 02 November 2016
Credit: OM International
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