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The OM Taiwan office has relocated from Banqiao to Tamsui. The Lord prepared a "promised land" for the team and they are incredibly grateful for His provision.

For a year the team had been praying for an office with a long-term lease, one which they could occupy without the concern of being asked to move out within a year or two. In early March 2016, they hosted their Pre-Field Orientation programme in Tamsui, during which time they reconnected with an OMer, Naomi*, who serves overseas with OM in a secure location.

“This is my old, old home,” Naomi said as she pointed to a house not far from where the orientation programme was taking place. “But nobody has lived there for years.”

At that very moment, the OM staff believed the Spirit of God spoke. They asked Naomi if it would be possible to take a look at the old house. She took the staff through the building, but at that time no further enquiries or decisions were made. God didn’t reveal His full purpose to them then – that one day OM Taiwan would make its new home there.

As May was approaching, it was time for the OM team to sign another year’s lease on the Banqiao office. In reading their lease contract, the OM team realised it was different from the previous one which caused them to pause and reconsider. They were at a crossroads and committed themselves to prayer. During the time of prayer, they heard the Lord saying, “I have already prepared something for you.”

After much prayer, in unity the OM Taiwan team realised God was opening the door for them to move to the Tamsui house. When the team finalised the move, God provided further blessing—the lessor (Naomi’s father) granted OM Taiwan permission to occupy the house indefinitely.

Upon reflection, the OM Taiwan team realises God went before them and prepared a place for them. Moving in to the premises and adding the décor made team members realise again God’s amazing provision. He both provided all their needs and fulfilled His work in His time.

“Tamsui is one of the starting points of mission work in Taiwan,” stated an OM Taiwan staff member. The team was amazed when they heard that a significant part of Taiwan’s mission work was launched in Tamsui by missionary George Leslie Mackay. During the office move this greatly encouraged the team. OM Taiwan has now returned to the starting point, ready to carry on the work to its completion.

*Name changed.

Published: Wednesday, 20 July 2016
Credit: OM International
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