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Two OMers, Bertie* and Jack*, had been thinking of going on a trip to the East for a long time.  Bertie spent some time planning the trip, but just before they were to set off, it seemed like everything fell to pieces. The car that they had organised fell through, and some of their Turkish friends who were going to accompany them couldn’t come. 

Just one Turkish friend joined them on their trip. The friends wondered what to do and decided that it was time to pray and let God lead their trip. The morning before they set out, Jack prayed “Lord, let your will be done, not ours.”

Unbeknownst to the three travellers, as they were on their way to Elazağı, their plans to stay with a family there were cancelled.  At the same time, a horrendous snow storm came upon them, so they decided to spend the night in a hotel in Kayseri.  They met with a local believer there and were able to give her some timely advice and support in order for her to deal with the problems that she was facing.

The next day they got to Elazağı and found that it was a very closed city. Bertie made a few phone calls to try and arrange to meet up with some Bible Correspondence contacts, but none of them could come. They could feel the oppression in the air, they didn't know if there were any believers in this city. 

Their Turkish friend Mert* knew someone from Elazağı so they decided to catch up with her. Over the next few days, Bertie, Jack and Mert, shared the gospel with her in depth and she came to the realisation that the Bible is true. At that moment she made a commitment to the Lord.

They were all shocked at what had happened. Then through another friend, they found out that there is a house fellowship in Elazağı, and the new believer is connected with that group. This was the highlight of their trip by far, and of course, all in God’s timing—not theirs!

*Names changed

Published: Wednesday, 21 September 2016
Credit: OM International
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