Trying to get a bank account

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Maurice*, an OMer, in a western city in Turkey, had just experienced the frustrating ordeal of trying to open a Turkish bank account. During the process, he met a friendly security guard named Göker*, who saw Maurice having trouble and offered to help.

Maurice and Göker the security guard hit it off immediately and ended up talking about spiritual issues for almost an hour. Maurice explained why Islam cannot deal with the human sin problem and how, because of his death on the cross, only Jesus can take away shame. Since their first meeting Göker was very keen to meet again. In fact, they have now met together on numerous occasions.

Göker has downloaded the Bible onto his phone. He's been reading it and asking questions of Maurice. After Maurice explained the gospel from Genesis 22, Göker admitted he had never heard anything like it before and that it really made sense. 

Maurice experienced a wonderful reminder that God can even use frustrating days for his glory!

Pray for Maurice and Göker’s friendship and that Göker would come to know the real Jesus.

*Names changed

Published: Thursday, 16 February 2017
Credit: OM International
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