Brighter outlook through sewing

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OM runs sewing centers in different parts of the country and teaches sewing skills among the trainees. This also provides an opportunity for team members to become a positive spiritual influence in the lives of the trainees.

Farah* is a graduate of OM's six-month skills training course which teaches sewing. When she first started, Farah shared that her husband was the only breadwinner of the family. This was a big burden on his shoulders and every month new debt was added just to cover their basic household needs. This was stressful to both Farah and her husband. Often, they had fights, due to insufficient resources and working overtime.

Farah heard of OM's sewing centre and came to learn these skills because she wanted better living conditions, which would improve her family life. After four months of training, Farah was able to sew basic items. She first started to sew clothes for her children to wear on Eid, a local religious festival.

Her neighbours admired the clothes and soon she received orders from them too. Farah then received a big order for a wedding and with the help of her tutor at the sewing center she sewed the special wedding dress. This was a big achievement for her. She was able to sew a high-class wedding dress and also earned a handsome amount in return.

Farah's husband is also very pleased by the progress and they are living a better life than six months ago. Farah is committed to continue her sewing and working toward a better life for her family.

We deeply appreciate your partnership for the support of poor and deprived families and ask you to please pray for increased creative and sustainable development initiatives for the women of Pakistan.

*Name changed to protect identity.

Published: Thursday, 15 September 2016
Credit: OM International
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