Passover breakfast results in sharing about the Passover Lamb

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OM team member Gabriella* shares about her experience visiting Jerusalem at Passover.  

I was visiting Jerusalem with a friend of mine during Passover, and we stayed in an inexpensive hostel. One morning while having breakfast, a girl sitting across the table caught my attention and we started talking. I was very surprised to find out that she is Jewish and she was also visiting Jerusalem as a tourist. Usually, most who stay at hostels are foreigners.

As it was the time to celebrate Passover, I asked her if she was religious (meaning, she practices her Jewish faith). She responded by asking me the same question. I grasped the chance to tell her I am a believer in Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah. This woman was very interested in knowing more about my belief and even asked if I go to church. Immediately I invited her to attend the Sabbath service at a nearby fellowship. Amazingly, she wanted to come with us and even suggested we hang out together the whole day.

The next morning, we met for breakfast. I thought she wouldn't show up, but there she was, even if 10 minutes late. Unfortunately, due to the Passover holiday, the church didn't have a service that morning, but we still had the day before us. We walked to the Western Wall, the Garden of Gethsemane and the Mount of Olives. As we walked I shared the whole gospel of Jesus Christ with her and she was very positive about it. Prayerfully, the seed of the gospel has been planted in her heart.

The seed of the gospel has been sown. Pray for this young woman and for the OM workers living in Israel.  

*Name changed

Published: Friday, 05 August 2016
Credit: OM International
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