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Ellyn S | South Asia

AIDS Link Nepal (ALN) works with People Living with HIV or AIDS (PLWHA) to help provide physical and spiritual restoration, by visiting patients, providing an affirming environment, and helping with medical needs. ALN staff members are also able to expose patients to the saving knowledge of God’s love through this ministry.

Sabita* is someone that ALN is working with. When she first visited Kathmandu for a medical check–up, ALN staff members took her to the Emergency ward because her health condition was very poor. The doctor started the check up and said that her condition was very critical and that she had a fungal infection inside her mouth. The doctor prescribed a treatment method, but was worried about Sabita’s health.

Sabita’s family was also worried about her because they knew no one who could give them advice during this time; so ALN staff helped Sabita with the treatment. Sabita had no idea what to do, so ALN team members took her to the lab and organized various kinds of blood tests for her.

After working with Sabita for a few days, the ALN team learned that her husband was taking medicine because he was HIV positive; but he had never shared this information with his wife. The next day Sabita’s blood test reports were ready and the ALN team had to share with Sabita that she was also HIV positive. She was also diagnosed with pneumonia, which had been affecting her lungs and making it difficult to breathe. Her body was very weak, and she began treatment immediately. Sabita was extremely worried about taking the medicine though. An ALN team member explained the benefits of ART treatment and encouraged her not to worry, but to keep sharing her problems with the staff.

When Sabita heard about her diagnosis, she cried a lot and blamed her husband for her situation. ALN staff sat and listened to her, and then encouraged her to focus on taking the ART medicine regularly and forgiving her husband. For one month Sabita lived at the ALN Hope and Light Care Centre. After a few weeks the medicine started to work and her health increased.

“I accepted ALN as my own family because of the love and care that I got from the team,” she said. Sabita appreciated the help provided by the ALN team and said, “If they were not there to advise me, then I would never be able to forgive my husband – but now I have.”

**OM partners with AIDSLink International to make a difference in the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Published: Monday, 08 August 2016
Credit: Ellyn S
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