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Workers serving in a community in the Caucasus over the years have seen three friends come to faith in Jesus over the past year or more. Following a different faith in a Muslim context is hard enough, but doing it without the support of family or friends in a highly community-oriented culture is especially hard. We would like to introduce you to one of these friends who recently embraced the Good News and invite you to lift up this community and others throughout the Caucasus who have yet to see an established fellowship of believers. Pray specifically for the families and spheres of influence of these friends that the Father would raise up vibrant fellowships of believers around each one.

New Life for Peter

Peter* is in his mid-20s and has already been through a lot in life. His mom abandoned the family when he was born and his dad left shortly after that, so he was left to be raised by his grandparents, both of whom have passed away in recent years. While he has a lot of acquaintances, he doesn't have many close friends. He has had some serious bouts of depression in the past, and a few years ago nearly died in a car accident.

Yet, despite these difficulties there are good things in his life too. Last year he got married, and a couple months ago he became a father. Just about that same time, he came to faith in Jesus Christ after having an impactful dream!

A couple foreign friends working in Peter’s city have been regularly meeting with Peter to read the Scriptures. As we desire to see lives changed by the truth of God’s word, the question is asked at the end of their discussions: "How can we apply this to our lives?"

When Peter read the story of Cain and Abel, his takeaway was surprising: “We should not lie.” A few days later at work, when Peter made a significant mistake, instead of shifting the blame as usual, he owned up to his wrong. And he almost got fired because of it.

Pray that this "new Peter" would intrigue his co-workers, neighbours and acquaintances and draw them to seek that which is making him different. Pray Peter would continue to be an upright and honest man at work, in contrast to his past and so many influences that surround him.

If you desire to be part of impacting communities and individuals like Peter with the gospel and have experience in leading others in this vision, the Caucasus field would love to have you. It offers diverse opportunities to serve, disciple and shepherd, whether you’re a couple or an individual. Come alongside what Jesus is already doing among the unreached!

*Name changed

Published: Tuesday, 14 March 2017
Credit: OM International
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