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OMer Michelle* goes out regularly with a women's outreach team on their weekly visits to different districts in Istanbul. They often help a local church reach out to women and families, many of whom are refugees genuinely struggling to live. It's not uncommon to see Syrian families come to get a bag of food, some clothing, prayer, and comfort.

A few months ago, Donna*, a member of the outreach team, and Michelle were ınvited into the home of a Syrian family for Turkish tea. The family of five has two children aged ten and seven and the father’s mother lives wıth them in a very run-down home. The mother works as a cleaner and runs the house while the father struggles to find regular work.

Michelle and Donna asked if they could pray for the grandmother's health, as she lives with diabetes and has heart problems that have required surgery prior. The family was moved by the prayer and asked about Michelle and Donna’s faıth. This gave Michelle and Donna an ideal opportunity to ask if the family would be interested ın reading the Holy Book together. They saıd yes! 

Since then, the family is following a course of traınıng that Donna attended. It is designed to get them reading, questıoning for themselves, and then sharıng with others in theır family and beyond. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will help them to understand what He is saying to them as they read the Holy Book.

*Names changed

Published: Monday, 06 February 2017
Credit: OM International
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