Learning how to live for Christ

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Fazeen* grew up in a nominal Christian family, with a busy life but little time for God or church. Though she accepted Christ in 2014, her life didn’t change much.

“I was earning enough so all my needs were met, but I still felt something missing,” Fazeen said. Then when she failed her college entry test, she stood at a crossroads. “I started praying, ‘Lord, whatever you want from me I am ready to do.’”

Fazeen saw a TV advertisement for OM’s training. Her parents were hesitant. Fazeen called out to God again. “He showed me the way and I told my parents I am going to OM,” she shared.

Just a week after joining the training programme, she struggled with discipline and rules.

“However, slowly through the different [training] sessions and book studies many things touched my life. Here I learned how to face life challenges, how to serve others and how to live for Christ,” Fazeen explained. “Before learning these things, I was a proud girl but here I learned the real meaning of life. My life is totally changed and I am now leaving OM with a passion to serve God and God’s people. I wish to work among orphans and drug addicts.”

*Name changed to protect identity.

Published: Tuesday, 15 November 2016
Credit: OM International
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