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One of OM’s goals in Pakistan is to unite different churches throughout the country to work together for a common purpose. Participants from different churches representing diversity in the body of Christ came together for several days of training, after which they travelled to different cities to share the love of Christ. There were challenges, but also many encouraging meetings as teams had fellowship with people they met along the way and shared the hope they have found in God.

One team of women went door to door throughout a village. They met several families, who called themselves Christians but actually practiced a mystical religion. A team member asked the host, “Why have you forsaken the Living God and are following the dead?” Saima*, their host, answered, “My husband has turned away from God and he wanted us to do the same, though we are not following his ways.” She asked them, “Please pray that he could leave the idols and accept Christ again, because of this our family life is terrible. Pray for the unity in our family.” 

In another village, one team planned an outdoor meeting for the community. The team visited homes in the area and invited families to come and listen to God’s Word. During the visit, a woman shared, “The people of my area desperately need salvation. Thank you for coming to our area.” Over 100 people joined the meeting and several placed their hope in God.

Another team was distributing New Testaments and leaflets in a city. On the road, they met a man. “What is this you are distributing?” he asked eagerly. The team member replied, “This is the Word of Truth.” With a glowing face he expressed, “Wow, this is the Injeel [God’s Revelation]! I really wanted to have this, because, for years, I was looking for this.” The team member got excited upon hearing this and prayed for the man at the spot so that the Lord would open his mind when he reads.

Please pray for many who are looking for a copy of the Injeel and who want to know about Christ, but have not found one yet, as few believers are ready to share their faith with others because of fear.

*Names change to protect identities.

Published: Tuesday, 18 April 2017
Credit: OM International
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