5 months in El Salvador

Sarai Peña | El Salvador

In 2016 a girl from Germany named Carolin Seitner came to El Salvador to support the work of OM for five months. From the beginning of her stay, she faced various challenges and was forced out of her comfort zone in different occasions. But God used this time to mould her and give her new perspectives.

“I come from a totally different background in which we often tend to take things like hot water for granted,” Carolin shared. God used differences like this to always remind her that “[She] can do all things through Christ who strengthens [her]” (Philippians 4:13), and this bible verse gave her the strength to continue serving God with her skills.

Carolin has a degree in Business Administration and during her studies in Germany, she had to do an internship at a local company. There she felt like working with numbers wasn't what God wanted for her and she hoped to escape that work during her time in El Salvador. Soon however, she was asked to support the Finance Team in raising funds for OM in Central America and El Salvador.

As time passed, she started to enjoy working in this responsibility and realised that she could serve God with her skills and that her internship in Germany had helped her to gain valuable experience.

“What I really enjoyed was when we saw what God was doing also in this part of the ministry,” Carolin remembered. “Often the financial support and donations we were praying for came right on time or out of nowhere…or purchases turned out to be cheaper than the amount listed on the bill. All these things also taught me that when we completely rely on God, even in finances, and when we make ourselves completely dependent on Him, even to the degree that He indeed is our only hope, we see the greatest things happening!”

During her time in El Salvador, Carolin participated in various outreaches and ministries, one of them being ‘La Haus’, a ministry of OM El Salvador focusing on community development in a poor region of the country. She was amazed and challenged by the living conditions of the people there and how they were so generous, welcoming and hospitable, despite what she felt were heart-breaking difficulties.

Through all this Carolin learned to appreciate what she has. Despite language barriers, she could connect with the people and feel the love that God gave her for others. She found her strength in the Lord to overcome any kind of situation around her.

“My time with OM El Salvador was undoubtedly an unforgettable, very shaping experience,” Carolin shared. “I thank God for what He is doing through the team here and that I could be part of it for the last 5 months and also for what He has done inside of me during my time in El Salvador. I am very thankful for all these people I got to meet here and I feel truly blessed.”

Please continue praying for OM El Salvador and their ministry. Pray also for all the short-term teams and individuals that go to El Salvador, that God may use their lives to bless the people of that country and that God’s will be done in their lives.

Published: Thursday, 19 January 2017
Credit: Sarai Peña
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