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Turkey AfriAsia Creative Outreach, or “TACO,” is OM’s creative arts ministry that is based in a city in western Turkey. Its fifteen-member team is made up of musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists and an administrator or two.  The team supports church planting in several majority Muslim countries by holding open-air events using the creative arts to share the good news.

Being based in western Turkey and working hard at the Turkish language means the team has a special heart for sharing God’s love and church planting in Turkey.  When not in other countries, the team hits the streets weekly to sing and share or to perform one of their musical dramas they have written and produced.

Contacts at the events are invited to fill out a survey for more information, generally receiving a New Testament or DVD in exchange.  The team then calls the contacts during the following weeks to set up appointments with those who expressed interest in talking more about Jesus.

Recently, Bruce*, a long term OM worker, called Refik* who had filled out a survey about a month before.

Refik had attended the Yüzyüze (Face to Face) show the TACO guys performed one Sunday. He just happened to walk off the boat he was on, saw them all and stopped to listen to the show. Something clicked in him as they shared, so he grabbed a DVD, filled out a survey and went home. He watched the DVD over and over, saying that he had finally found the thing he was searching for all his life. He was wondering if the team forgot about him because no one called him at first.

He was thinking about the whole thing and started praying, "Ya Rab, hayatımı sana teslim ediyorum..." (Oh Lord, I give my life to you), but he hadn’t finished his prayer when Bruce called him! He was extremely excited to meet up with Bruce.

Refik is a man in his late 50’s. When he and Bruce met, he shared how he had been very successful in life, but after indulgence in alcohol and promiscuity caused him to lose self-control, he lost everything. Now after listening to the TACO performance, watching the DVD and believing, Refik said that he had a peace that no alcohol or pill could have ever give him.

Bruce and Refik prayed together, and Refik received a New Testament and a “God Loves You” booklet.  They are looking forward to meeting up again. 

Please pray for Bruce as he disciples Refik, and for God to lead others like Refik to the TACO team’s performances.  Pray for Turkey during these days of “state of emergency” when other ministries have ceased doing outreach. Ask for protection on the TACO team as they continue sharing God’s love publicly.

*Names changed for security reasons

Published: Thursday, 30 March 2017
Credit: OM International
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