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The ministry of “Joya de Esperanza” (Jewel of Hope) of OM Panama focuses on teaching the craft of sewing to young mothers living in poverty in order to give them the opportunity to sell different products to help sustain their families.

One of the ladies participating in the ministry for over 2 years is Maria*. She used to sit quietly during the devotional time and sometimes even made facial expressions showing disapproval or discomfort. But finally she started to open up. Now, Maria is willing the read Bible verses and sometimes even participates by commenting on scripture. 

Recently, for the first time ever, she asked for a prayer request.  She shared about her niece, who is extremely depressed and not capable of caring for her 2 boys (4 and 2 years old). She is a single mom, working at night at a chicken farm.  One of her boys is disabled and she is struggling financially and sometimes unable to put food on the table.  During the devotional everybody prayed for Karina’s niece, that she would see the Lord in the midst of her situation.

The next day, the ministry leader suggested that each lady would write a note of encouragement for Karina’s niece.  God touched the ladies and they got together and agreed to bring non-perishable food for this lady in need. The next morning they brought 2 full baskets with food and household items.  Those women themselves don’t have a lot of money, but God spoke to them and they chose to help someone they had never met.

When Maria saw the baskets, she couldn’t believe the amount of items her friends had gathered for her niece.  She was so thankful and her eyes turned watery. Maria used to never show a sing of emotion, but God’s love, manifested through her friends, started changing her heart. She now has the desire to listen to God’s word and learn more.

Please pray for Maria and her niece, that they may put all their trust and faith in the Lord. Please pray for the ministry of “Joya de Esperanza” and their leader, that many more can be blessed through them.

*name changed

Published: Wednesday, 26 October 2016
Credit: OM International
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