Compost and dreams

Karin Fendick | Zambia

More than dry leaves

There is not much visible on the grounds of Subilo House (Bemba for House of Hope) that would cause one to rejoice.  The ground is hard with piles of dried leaves everywhere, but in the eyes of Nigel Keur, they are the stuff compost is made of and compost is an integral part of the vision he is working to bring to life.

“Many people living with HIV and AIDS do not have the proper support structures to help them through the first two to three weeks of starting their antiretroviral drug treatments,” explains Nigel. “What we are aiming to do is provide a care centre where these people can live and receive help through that initial stage.”

Caring for self, caring for others

During the time the People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) are at Subilo House, they will be equipped to look after themselves but also to go back into their communities and be caregivers to others who are infected and affected. 

Part of this care plan involves starting a garden at the Centre using “Foundations for Farming” methods.  Ground that now looks bare will be alive with vegetables and fruit trees. This will enable people to be well nourished while at Subilo House, yet the vision is far wider - there will also be practical training in the Foundations for Farming method so PLWHA can start their own gardens when they leave. They will be given seedlings to jumpstart their gardens as a means of having improved nutrition when they return home.

Please pray that Subilo House will glorify God and help achieve the AIDSLink vision “to see hope restored in individuals and communities, as we work together to overcome the challenges of HIV and AIDS. We will give HOPE to this marginalized people group through empowerment--giving them the ability to help themselves.”

AIDSLink International works in partnership with OM to impact the worldwide HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Published: Monday, 06 February 2017
Credit: Karin Fendick
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