Spiritual and physical freedom

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“Only God knows how much I have awaited this moment!” Adela said with tears running down her face when she finally had the opportunity to be baptised during the encounter called ‘Woman, you are free’ (Mujer, eres libre), a ministry that was created in partnership with OM Colombia and a local church and is led by Martha Ardila.

It took place at the Cartagena Women’s Prison over the course of two days with 60 women participating and 20 of them getting baptised. They were ministered to and taught about the cross of Christ, forgiveness, freedom of guilt and rejection and baptism.

Many of the women are released from jail shortly after this yearly event and it causes them to anticipate this special encounter eagerly. The women consider it proof of God’s presence among them and within their lives, and the physical freedom that often follows the spiritual freedom stirs up their faith.

One week after the encounter, 10 ladies were declared free from jail, 5 of them have been released already and the other 5 are expecting to be set free soon. Adela and all the other women know that no jail and no bars can keep captive their spirit which was freed from sin by the power of Jesus.

Published: Thursday, 05 January 2017
Credit: OM International
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