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For the past three summers, an OM team of seven volunteers has visited an indigenous community in the South of Argentina. Again this year they took with them a trailer full of books and donations for the local school.

After five days of activities with the families of the community the team returned home with new friendships and open doors. One part of the journey took them along dirt and gravel roads causing the vehicles, including the trailer, to shake considerably. Soon the team noticed that there was smoke coming from the trailer and that the wheels had come off the axle.

Unavoidably, they had to stop on the side of the road, close to the entrance to the city of Bariloche. Parked there the missionaries tried to think of someone who could help them on a Sunday, which in Argentina means all businesses are closed. The trailer already broke twice on this trip and some team members expressed their doubt if it had really been worth the thirty-hour journey to come to this place.

A teacher from the community and her husband had accompanied the team and together they were trying to think of where to find a mechanic. At one point a volunteer remembered a couple that was from this city and had visited the native community in the past. So they asked the teacher if she knew them. As the teacher told the team about friends that sometimes came to visit the community, the missionaries realised that they might be people they knew from a past OM training course.

The teacher was able to call her friends, who were willing to come and help the team in their difficult situation. After waiting one hour, a truck pulled up behind the group and the first person to get out was indeed the man who had once taken the OM course.

The OM team rejoiced when seeing familiar faces in such an unlikely moment, not only because they had the tools needed to fix the trailer but also because they discovered that this couple had been visiting the same community the team just left.

From that moment on the OM team and the local couple were able to stay in contact and arrange visits together, joining efforts and resources which resulted in two more outreaches. This unlikely encounter changed the missionaries’ perspective and they were able to see that the trip was worth it after all.

OM Argentina is praying to change the vehicle that allows them to make these trips. The current vehicle has many miles on it and is difficult and costly to repair. Please join them in prayer for a new car so they can go on outreaches, visit churches, bring resources and materials for different programs, take literature to conferences and special church events and keep team travel costs down.

Published: Tuesday, 07 February 2017
Credit: OM International
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