Pastors obeying God’s command

Abigail Chinchilla | El Salvador

More than 30 volunteers from different parts of the world participated in the yearly evangelistic event of OM El Salvador called “Desafío” (Challenge) which in 2016 took place in La Moskitia, Honduras. They faced obstacles such as 28 hours of travel, extreme fog, steep roads, heat and the constant threat of a hurricane. But none of those stopped the participants from going and working with children, youth, new believers and church leaders, doing evangelism, kids programs and other activities.

“Mission work is a desire that has always been in my heart,” says Pastor Freddy Cardoza from the Church ‘Emanuel’ in Sonsonate, El Salvador, who experienced such a mission trip for the first time. He joined the adventure of missions after hearing the testimony of an OM volunteer which motivated him to learn more about OM and its work.

Together with other pastors he worked with church leaders and soldiers and prayed for the sick. “It was a huge blessing to be able to share about God’s love. I am happy and encouraged to keep moving forward,” Pastor Freddy says. Because of his experience he expressed the desire to send someone from his church to the next outreach.

Rebeca de Magaña, the wife of a Pastor in Ahuachapán, El Salvador, also participated in the activity after being introduced to OM through a medical group and getting involved more with the organisation. She shared how amazed she was about how God provided for every outreach she had participated in so far. Three days before the start of the Desafío 2016, Rebeca was still lacking the money to go. “God provided the money and I understood that he wanted me to go (to) this place,” she shares.

For Rebeca the mission trip was truly worth the sacrifice of not being with her family as she felt God using her to bless the people of La Moskitia. She had the opportunity to preach and to work with new believers.

“It is very clear to me that if we strive to do God’s work fully in whatever we do, we don’t know what will happen,” Rebeca says. “For example, we were even in the rain to do evangelism, and that’s not too common in today’s Christianity.”

“Missionary work is very important for God’s kingdom,” Pastor Freddy explains.

Rebeca believes that these days the churches do not care about this and it has been forgotten. For this reason, they both motivate their churches to obey the commandment of making disciples. “Everything is based on the willingness of your heart,” both of them state.

OM El Salvador is mobilising the local church for missions through their ministry called ‘Door to the Nations’. Please join them in prayer, that many more may see the need for missions in this world and go and preach the Good News to those who don’t know God.

Published: Tuesday, 22 November 2016
Credit: Abigail Chinchilla
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