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“How did you become interested in the Holy Books?” Mary* asked Zübeyde*. Mary, an OMer, had just arrived in a small town east of Ankara and was meeting in a coffee shop with Zübeyde, a Bible Correspondence Course contact who had been sent Scripture through the mail.

Zübeyde explained it was actually her incarcerated husband who had asked for the books in her name. He had been having conversations with a brother from the Bible Correspondence Course almost every day and was learning a lot about Jesus.

A few minutes later, he called. "I want you to help my family," he begged Mary. "We don't want your money; I just want you to tell them about salvation. Please, tell them about Jesus Christ!"

Mary launched into the gospel story, starting with creation. Zübeyde's husband called again to check that she was really doing it. After explaining the gospel and stressing that receiving salvation is like receiving a gift, Mary showed Zübeyde the short video, "The Prophet's Story” on her phone.

Unfortunately even after that, Zübeyde didn’t really understand why Jesus had to die.

Later, her husband called again begging for Mary to go to his house and share the way of salvation with his children and his grandchild. At the family’s home, Zübeyde listened while Mary shared and showed the video to her daughter and again later with her grandson and his friends.

“Why did Jesus die?” Mary asked the kids. "For our sins!" one answered. "What does that mean?” she probed. Zübeyde answered, "Jesus was the sacrifice for us." She finally got it!

Mary showed them Romans 10:9 which announces how to be saved. She asked if they wanted to put their faith in Jesus. "But what about our prophet?" one of the little ones asked.

"What did he do for you?" Mary asked.  

"Nothing," she replied.  

"What did Jesus Christ do for you?" Mary continued.

"He died for me!" She exclaimed. "Then I will believe in Jesus!" She proclaimed.

Mary asked all of the family if they wanted to put their faith in Jesus. "Yes! Yes! We believe!" they answered. "Now what do we do?"

God is really doing something new in this small town, in a province that has no workers or fellowship. Pray for this family to grow and be strengthened in their faith and to be reunited with their father as a whole family. Pray for wisdom for Mary to disciple them from a distance. Pray for Turkish believers to come alongside them.

*Names changed

Published: Tuesday, 11 July 2017
Credit: OM International
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