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In 2015, Delia* had a dream about Jesus. She found herself in a dark, foggy place and kept hearing a voice telling her: “Come, come to me Delia.” At first she was confused, but just kept going towards the voice. As she drew closer to where the voice came from, the fog lifted revealing a lush, green landscape with beautiful trees and flowers. Then she saw a man hanging on a cross and she asked him, “Are you a Christian?” He answered, “No, I am not a Christian, I am Jesus! Come to me and find shelter in me”. Delia was confused, since the person on the cross kept talking to her without moving his lips. They talked a little more and then her dream ended and she woke up.

Right away she started to do some research to find out what had happened in her dream. She came to the conclusion that it had been the spirit of Jesus she had been talking with. One day, in her search for more answers, she visited one of the big Catholic churches in the city, but was disappointed since she wasn’t able to get more answers about Jesus and Christianity.

A few months later she met with some people during a street outreach. She received a Gospel of John and a DVD that night. She was very excited about the Gospel, and read it all in one night.

Delia had given the outreach team her contact information. When Katie*, an OMer, called her later, she excitedly agreed to meet to talk more. She brought the Gospel of John and the DVD to the first meeting and right away they started talking about spiritual things.

Since Delia is Uzbek, she had some connection with Christianity and it was not all completely new to her - she loved celebrating Christmas for example!

Uzbekistan was one of the Soviet satellite nations after the Russian invasion of 1924 and so had a large number of Russian Orthodox churches.  She had no problem accepting that Jesus is God and loved reading the Bible together with Katie.  They read about Jesus healing the paralyzed man and she learned that He can forgive sins. After the first meeting she was very open to meet again to read more. Since she only got a Gospel of John the first time, she happily accepted a New Testament that day as a gift.

Two weeks later, Katie and two of her believer friends met for a second time with Delia. Right away she pulled out her New Testament and shared about the things she had been reading. She was confused about the passage in which Jesus gets arrested, so they started talking about that. Delia had been flipping through the Bible, reading different passages on and off. Katie told her that it might be helpful to look at the “big picture” - from Genesis to Jesus. Delia wanted to know how to get a Bible and Katie said she would get her one the following week.

At their third meeting one week later, one of her first questions was if she could change her religion! The four of them talked for a long time about what Christianity is all about. She understood and realised that she needed to make a decision. On the way to the ferry, they ran into some people from church and she got really excited. Katie decided to take her to church the next morning.

At church Delia sang along enthusiastically, amazed by the joy and peace people seemed to have. The church was celebrating communion and after Katie explained to her what it’s about she declared “Great, I believe all that, so that means I can participate!” After church she talked with a few people and stayed for youth group. They kept explaining things to her all afternoon.

Katie and her two friends met with Delia again three days later and by this point Delia openly declared that she had become a believer. She now talks openly about it with everybody she knows, has already told her family and all her friends. She is eager and hungry to keep learning and understands that she can pass on everything she learns to those around her and can study the Bible with them.  She keeps talking about how much joy she has and how her life has completely changed.

*Names changed

Published: Friday, 12 May 2017
Credit: OM International
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