Time to pitch the tent again

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After a busy time from autumn 2015 until spring 2016, the tent OM had used for feeding and providing shelter to the masses of refugees in Šid, Serbia was packed up and placed in storage, since by early summer, the flow of refugees had stopped. The old hotel that had been turned into a makeshift camp was once again quiet, so the local government took the opportunity to renovate poor plumbing, structural issues, and other problems that had inhibited full use of the building.

After three months, the local commander called OM and asked if they would return and resume their work, as the number of refugees seeking shelter there was rising  once again. Nearly all the other NGOs had left the camp, and the local government were in desperate need of help. From an initial influx of 400 people, numbers quickly climbed to 400 children and 1,100 adults - from Syria, Afghanistan, and other conflict zones. Of course the small OM Serbia team wanted to help, but as rumours of crime, abuse, and fighting in the camp began to circulate through the area, they sought God’s wisdom through prayer.

Since their number of men is small, the local OMers felt it wise to only take on daytime working, providing tea and conversation in the OM tent, and to decline the request to monitor the sleeping tents overnight. The hope is to be able to host more events inside the tent, particularly special things for the children.

Please join the OM team in prayer: for additional support, and continued favour with the local authorities, for open doors to minister to the deeper needs of the refugees, and for God’s presence to bring peace and protection in the camp.

Please contact your local OM office if you would like to come and serve as a volunteer alongside the OM Serbia team.

Published: Friday, 17 March 2017
Credit: OM International
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