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An 8-year-old girl named Andrea* showed Candy the scars she has from a torso and a back surgery. Candy Arteaga, who leads OM Ecuador’s HIV ministry ‘Conexión VIDA (LIFE Connection)’, says that the pain and compassionate love in her soul for Andrea and her Stepmother Sara* has never ceased since Candy met them 3 years ago during one of her visits to the local Children’s Hospital where she shares Jesus’ love with boys, girls and relatives that are either infected or affected by HIV/Aids. To this day she has continued visiting the hospital twice a week.

Andrea lives with Sara in a city two hours away from the hospital, because Andrea’s mother is infected with HIV and couldn’t handle the responsibility of taking care and raising Andrea herself. During these years that Sara has known Candy, she has come to terms with God, reconciled with her Heavenly Father and now walks with Jesus and is a guide to her sweet girl Andrea.

Four months ago Sara was diagnosed with cancer, but she hasn’t been able to start her medical treatment because Andrea had to stay in the hospital for the last 3 months and there is still no release date for her. Sara has to endure very strong pain as the physicians only give her basic painkillers.

To Candy, both Andrea and Sara are very special and every week they spend beautiful moments together. But for Candy the most beautiful thing is that Andrea calls her almost every day only to tell her that she loves her and misses her. She is thankful to the Lord for such a pure love and for the ability to support Andrea and Sara, which she says is only possible because of God’s grace and mercy.

Now the Lord is moving Candy to a new ministry in South Africa called “Meetse a Bophelo” (Living Waters), a centre that focuses on school support, evangelism, discipleship and helps feeding orphans, other kids and their families of the area that are either infected or affected by HIV /Aids. Candy desires that the ministry in Ecuador can continue and that new people will invest in the lives of Andrea, Sara and many more when she leaves for Africa soon.

Please pray for Andrea and Sara, for healing and that they can leave the hospital soon. Please pray for Candy in her new season of service in South Africa. Consider supporting the ministry in Ecuador by praying, giving or participating.

*Names changed

Published: Monday, 05 December 2016
Credit: OM International
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