An ever changing testimony from an ever present God

Maarten Verpeut | Chile

Maarten Verpeut and his wife from Belgium decided to do a short-term mission trip with OM Chile. There they participated in the OM Adventure Team and Maarten soon found out just how much God has worked in his life when he was asked to share his testimony. He shares more about his experience here:

The 3-week OM Adventure Team mission trip to Chile was in many ways a great experience for me. It was the first mission trip I went on in years, and the first mission trip with my wife! I realised when we applied for the program that this trip would be unlike any other. I expected God to move in many different ways in my heart and in my relationship, and He did!

We spent our first five days at the OM Chile base in Santiago, helping the team with their local ministries. Our next stop took us south for a two-week adventure. In the following lines I would like to share some of my experiences during these two blessed weeks.

After some surfing fun in Pichilemu, we arrived in Chillán. Our team-leaders Felipe, Marloes and Jessie lead some workshops about the importance of missions in a local church. The church we worked at has quite a history with OM, because after the earthquake in 2010 it was OM that helped them rebuild their collapsed church building. Together with the other Adventure Team participants we were able to share about the spiritual situation in our countries during a time of prayer at the church. Together we prayed for the challenges in our western countries.

The church members were quite surprised to hear that the countries that once brought the gospel to their nation were now in not-so-good spiritual condition. Later we had a time of prayer for the persecuted Christians and their different struggles and challenges. The great thing to see was that this church was already praying for many of these countries.

As we drove further south we worked with more churches and even had the opportunity to do outreaches to share the good news alongside them. At the end of one of our outreaches I was asked to share part of my testimony in the church. I had shared my testimony many years ago, but through the past seven years I had hardly done this at all. I realised that my testimony was in need of an update because in the last years God had worked in my life in new ways. Sharing a part of my testimony in Chile made me reflect about all the blessings and victories God has given me in the last years. I could only stand in gratitude and awe for this.

The OM Adventure Team spent two wonderful weeks in the south. While I was encouraging others in their faith, I was also being encouraged through the many lovely people I came in contact with. As a team we could share and hear the testimonies of each other; the moments of tribulation and victory by His glory. The importance of praying, giving and going for missions got rooted deeper into my heart during this period. This mission trip, to me, has been a new experience and testimony with our God. Another blessing from the Father to remember and cherish. Thank you God!

Published: Wednesday, 21 December 2016
Credit: Maarten Verpeut
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