The Travelling marriage

Tineke Demuynck | Chile

Tineke Demuynck from Belgium is travelling through Latin America together with her husband in order to connect deeper with God and hear His voice. She shares about her experience in OM Chile’s 3-week Adventure Team and how they were able to connect with God and learn more about themselves.

This October my husband and I decided to join the 2016 OM Chile Adventure Team as a part of a 6-month trip we are making through Latin America. The short-term mission trip with OM Chile has really been a big blessing to us individually and also to our marriage. 

My expectations for this short-term mission trip were: to be encouraged/ pushed to get out of my comfort zone, grow in faith, learn about missions, share testimonies with others, see how God works in other people’s lives, to support and serve local churches and do street evangelism!

This trip really met all of the above expectations and even went far beyond! I’d like to zoom in on one aspect of the program, which to me was really fulfilling and definitely an answer to our prayers.

During these 3 weeks in Chile, besides the several mission activities we did, we also had the opportunity to take a course called Life Direction Seminar (LDS). This course is meant to help you discover who you are, why you are here, and what you do best. I strongly believe that one way to know God’s purpose for your life is to know who you are. We are all made in a very unique way in God’s own image and He gives each of us certain passions, talents and ideas. We must discover them, and then further develop them with God's help.

In the LDS we were challenged to think in very specific and concrete ways about our personality, our values, our beliefs, our behaviour, our spiritual gifts, our mission and vision in life, and how we can use all of these to build God’s kingdom. LDS really helped (sometimes even pushed) me to dig deep; to be specific and write things down in a structured manner. What a blessing to be able to set some time apart do this together with my husband! It gave us a lot of things to reflect on and to pray about; new ideas for the future, like how we can be more involved in our church at home, how we can play our part in missions and encourage other Christians in Belgium to participate in missions too.

My husband and I also got to know each other better. Before we started our 6-month travel we had both been in kind of a dry spiritual season. We have only been married for 10 months now and before as well as after our wedding we had several challenges. Planning our wedding and renovating our house caused quite a lot of stress on the both of us. Travelling is something that we both love to do and that can really connect us, and therefore we thought it would be a good idea to travel for a longer period. We wanted to use this time well to work on our relationship, to build some good foundations for our marriage and to work on our spiritual connection with God and each other. God created open doors for us to go on this 6-month adventure.

During this short-term mission trip in Chile I really enjoyed seeing my husband stepping out of his comfort zone, sharing his testimony, interacting with people, discussing biblical and theological topics with others and praying for people. It gave me a new respect and appreciation for him, and it also helped me to look at our different characters and abilities in a complementary way. God is so good!

I’d recommend every couple to go on a mission trip together, whether long-term or short-term. Seeking the Lord together and seeing each other grow in faith is really the best way to make a marriage succeed. There are so many challenges in life, and we all have to go through them in one way or another, but if we learn to walk on God’s path, our life may not be storm-free, but it will certainly be storm-proof.

Published: Friday, 17 March 2017
Credit: Tineke Demuynck
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