Hungry for fellowship

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Sylvia discovers how eager believers in rural Bangladeshi villages are for fellowship.

On a recent trip to Bangladesh, I was riding in a vehicle over a bumpy road with a few Bengalis who were believers in Christ from a Muslim background. On our way to a rural village, we were surrounded by green rice paddy fields as we journeyed on this crooked road built on a high dike. As we neared the village nestled among several trees, we saw little huts made out of clay bricks or wood, roofed with sheets of tin metal.

One believer in the jeep said, "See that fellow over there, who was looking out of the window? He’s one of the believers in Christ in this village. He will be disappointed when he finds out that were not here for Bible study today."

As I looked at the man we passed in the car, his bright eyes shined like white tea cup saucers. He smiled big, as he waited to see his newfound friends in Christ again. Cows, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats and goat, dozens of kids, women in colorful outfits and the men, gathered around as we finally parked the vehicle. As we left the van, we began to say hello to the people who were so curious to see the foreigners with the Bengalis.

The isolated believers within the Muslim rural villages enjoy any opportunity for fellowship they have with other mature believers who visit them. They discuss topics about life, the Bible, God and praying together.

The young believer in that village was hopeful to have fellowship time and Bible reading. Even though there was no Bible study that day, he was happy to be with other believers that were from another town. The believers who had brought me to the village that day planned to come back to continue to teach the Bible and be a support to this young man and others in the village.

Pray with us

In Bangladesh millions of people are still waiting to hear about Jesus for the first time. Those who are believers are hungry for fellowship and opportunities to grow in their faith. Pray that local church fellowships can be equipped and strengthened through OM team visits and discipleship training programmes. Pray that believers will be equipped and emboldened to share about Jesus with their neighbours.

This story is written by Sylvia*, who has a passion to mobilise people around the world to invest in the growing church in Bangladesh, through prayer or giving. She is adventurous at heart and eager for unreached Muslim people to come to know Jesus.

*Name changed to protect identity

Published: Saturday, 03 December 2016
Credit: OM International
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