Teenstreet Malaysia 2016 starts

Ellyn S. | Malaysia

“I came to learn about Jesus,” said Jenboy, a 17-year-old second-time participant of Teenstreet Malayisa. “I keep coming to learn more and more,” chimed in his friend, Aryon.

On Saturday, December 10, 178 teens and an additional 97 volunteers, small group coaches, staff and guest speakers Dan and Suzie Potter, celebrated the 12th opening day for Teenstreet Malaysia. For the next five days this diverse group, arriving from both East and West Malaysia, as well as Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, the Philippines, the UK and the USA, will interactively study what “The Art of Living Life” is all about.

Teenstreet is a youth camp held in countries around the globe for 12-18 year-olds, founded by Dan and Suzie Potter 25 years ago, that aims to see young teens not only enjoy the week, but to establish closer relationships with God and with people.

The camp has morning teachings, followed by ‘Shh time’, an opportunity for every participant to take time alone with God, before meeting in small groups with coaches to discuss what they have learned and to build friendships.

“The theme this year is unique – it doesn’t fit into one culture or another, because it’s based on the varied learning styles that people learn in,” Dan Potter said. “If we can use as many senses as possible to teach, then the teens remember much more.”

“There is such a need in Malaysia to disciple young people in their walk with God,” said Pari, an organiser of the event. “So we’ve been involved in sponsoring indigenous youth from East Malaysia who couldn’t otherwise afford to join Teenstreet Malaysia.”

This year 67 people were flown into Kuala Lumpur to attend the special camp outside the capital city. “This is one of the only youth camps in Malaysia that is inter-denominational and brings youth from diverse ethnic backgrounds together,” explained Pari; making it a unique experience for participants and staff alike.

“We hope to see lives changed and that teens walk out of Teenstreet Malaysia and will never be the same way again – in a good way. World changers is what comes to mind – that all these teenagers would go out and be people who bring change within their friendship circles, schools, families and even the world,” said Ashley, another organiser of the event. “And too, that the coaches and volunteers would see the urgency to impact and mentor the younger generation, because so many adults don’t realize how important it is to disciple others.”

Published: Wednesday, 14 December 2016
Credit: Ellyn S.
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