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The children at Meetse Bophelo Centre in the township of Mamelodi, South Africa often receive many things from the centre: food, clothes, small gifts, etc. The staff and volunteers love being able to bless the children, but also want them to know two things: first, these gifts are a blessing from God, not from man. Secondly, that they shouldn't strive to get, but instead should look for ways that they can give back to others. Staff at Meetse have tried to be very intentional in teaching this. 

The children of Meetse have learnt many things about what it means to be a follower of Christ over the years and the desire is for them to live out what they have learnt within their community. It’s always been Meetse’s aim that the hope the children receive from Christ would flow out of their lives and into their families, schools and communities. During an outreach into the community surrounding the centre they demonstrated just that. 

Split into groups, the children were given ideas of various things they could do in the community. Armed with cake, chocolate, flowers and bags to pick up garbage, they set out with the intention to bless all those they encountered. 

For an hour the children were out in the community sharing the Word of God, praying for people and blessing others with small gifts. One of the women who received a wordless book (a tool used to explain the gospel using colored pages) said “I will sleep with peace in my heart tonight because I have heard the Word of God and am now encouraged.”

Returning to the centre the children complained that an hour wasn’t enough time – they wanted to do more. They were so joyful and enthusiastic about how God had used them that day and eager to do it again. 

Many of the neighbours shared how great it was to see the kids giving back to their community. Some of them asked what the children wanted in return and were shocked when one said “we don’t want anything. We love God and want you to see God’s love and love him as well!”

Published: Friday, 12 May 2017
Credit: OM International
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