Reaching the unreached in El Salvador

Sarai Peña | El Salvador

Tony McCormick and his family come from the USA and have been serving with OM in Costa Rica for a little over a year. Tony has a professional background in accounting and supports OM Costa Rica as the Finance Officer.

Tony and his son Gabriel came to El Salvador for the first time in March to participate in Global Impact, an outreach organized by OM, where people from all over Central America gather for two days of workshops, then go out into the community to serve with local evangelical churches and go out to share the good news. During this event in Holy Week, Tony and his son were assigned to work with Pastor Jorge Quiros in Atiquizaya. 

During a hard week of work, Tony was moved by the pastor’s heart, sharing: “He sees himself as a home missionary, with a call to plant churches in areas that have no churches.”

According to Tony, Pastor Jorge has a heart for the gospel, as he has demonstrated by walking far distances to be at the churches he is pastoring, because they are remote. He travels on foot, in pick-up trucks (a form of public transportation) and moto-taxi and often at night--therefore it’s not safe for his wife to travel with him.

“As a husband, father and someone also serving in the mission field, I could relate to him and his desire to impact his community for the Lord, and his desire to share that experience with his family,” Tony says. 

Tony and his son were moved to try and help Pastor Jorge with the transportation issue. When they returned to Costa Rica, Tony and his family had a Google Hangout session with their supporters. During the session they shared the vision of Pastor Jorge, his struggles as a ‘domestic missionary’, and his need for safe transportation in order to continue his pastoral visits, pray for the sick and share the gospel. After the session they started an online project to raise money for him.

God moved and touched the hearts of many people, like members of Tony’s home church and their own supporters, who gave very generously to meet the pastor's need. 

In November Tony visited Pastor Jorge and his family and prepared to buy a pick-up truck. “We committed to the process, left the results up to the Lord, and are trusting Him to continue working through Pastor Jorge in Atiquizaya, Iglesia Kemuel, and throughout El Salvador,” Tony says.

Please, continue praying for Pastor Jorge and his family that God may give them the strength to continue doing God’s work.

Published: Friday, 28 April 2017
Credit: Sarai Peña
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