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In response to the severe flooding across Bangladesh, OM distributed quantities of rice, oil, saline packets and other items in four districts. For many people this was the first help they received since their homes and most all possessions were lost.

From each distribution site, staff heard a similar statement: “I’ve never in my life had any assistance with this quality of rice, dal, sugar, potato, onions, oil, etc. I’m going to enjoy it with my family as for many days we have nothing like this to eat.”

A total of about 2,500 people or 515 families received emergency aid. While a public gospel witness is not possible, the team’s hope was fulfilled in showing the people a practical expression of God’s love for them. “Doors were opened and contacts and friendship were made as a beginning of a process in which we believe the message of love will bring at the end, transformation in people’s lives,” said the OM Bangladesh Director. 

Upada’s story 

Upada* is 40 years old and has two sons and two daughters. Her youngest daughter Mishti is studying at one of OM’s primary schools in her area. When Mishti was born, Upada’s husband left home to travel to the other side of the country. He has not yet returned, leaving Upada to care for their four children alone.

Despite all her difficulties, she did not complain. Instead she began cleaning homes to at least make some money to buy food for her children. By working hard, Upada could maintain her home and provide her family’s basic needs. Her two oldest children are married. Upada is very proud to have supported her children to grow to this stage, in light of her challenges. 

What Upada did not expect was that the flood this year would affect so much of her area. This had many consequences for her. Not only was her house affected, but the homes Upada worked in were also flooded. This meant she had no work, leaving her in a very tough situation, without resources and consequent food. At just this time, OM came to provide assistance. Upada was so glad and thankful to God and OM. 

Dipa’s story 

Dipa* is 26 years old and lives in Kurigram district, which was one area severely affected by the monsoon flooding. Dipa married at a very early age and has two children. Her husband used to work in building construction but unfortunately one day, working on a building, he fell down from the roof and was badly injured. He is now unable to do physical work as before and cannot provide for his family. Because of this, Dipa started working outside the home as a maid to earn money. 

When the strong rain came, Dipa’s house was affected by the flood so their situation became even worse as they didn’t have food to eat. When she got the assistance provided by OM’s relief work, Dipa was so happy as the support came in a time when they were without hope of where they could get any help. She was so happy for the assistance she received and very thankful to OM and all sponsors that generously contributed for this to happen.

As funding is available, OM hopes to continue to help families rebuild their lives after the flooding.  

*Names changed to protect identities.

Published: Friday, 21 April 2017
Credit: OM International
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