Short-termers bring new life to churches in Ukraine

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During 2017, a Short Term Mission (STM) participant from the United States named Kevin served amongst the elderly in Ukraine for his second time. This time, he focused on those displaced from the East.

To some, it may seem that this was just a short term mission trip without much impact, but after his previous visit, another evangelical church (whom OM has not worked with before) began to serve the aged as well.

One woman who was paralysed in a lying down position, was soon able to sit up again after Kevin prayed for her. The impact of short termers in Ukraine is like a new fire that ignites and inspires the church to serve!

Every Internally Displaced (IDP) family in Ukraine has a long story--each left their homes, their work, their belongings, their friends and many left their relatives. The aid brought by short termers, and their prayers for the families is like a fresh wind in their homes and souls.

During OM Ukraine's last STM campaign amongst IDP’s, one family from the U.S. and also one woman from the Netherlands joined Kevin in this outreach. A highlight of this campaign was a barbecue picnic in the forest for displaced people. The OM military field kitchen continues to serve food to people from the East. 

During this trip and outing, many hearts opened up toward the church and relationships were formed that will serve to share the gospel with the IDP community.

Thanks be to God for the committed short termers who come as they are a huge blessing and help in OM Ukraine’s ministry to the church of Ukraine!

Published: Tuesday, 06 June 2017
Credit: OM International
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