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‘House of Joy’ is a local NGO supported by OM Balkans, which works with survivors of abuse. A member of the staff describes how one young woman they work with is now carving out a future for herself, despite past traumas.

Anna* came to our centre after years of being in and out of the public shelters. The day she got here we were having a celebration for the summer activities and everyone was laughing and having fun, but her eyes were full of tears, she was quiet and watched the festivities from a distance. She was forlorn, but when you looked at Anna, you could see a determination in her eyes, determination to be involved, no matter how little.

As we got to know her, we found out that at just 15 Anna dropped out of school and left home, causing her life to be one of hardship. She was broken and hurt from being used and abused and she seemed to have lost all dreams for the future. But, the more comfortable she got with us, the more open Anna became and she spoke about her dream of wanting to work in an office and getting to dress like a professional woman. So, we started to help her to accomplish this dream.

Anna has started working with a tutor to develop a basic knowledge of math and other subjects. We are constantly encouraged to see her studying and completing all her homework. She struggles, and it has not been easy for her to get back into studying, but Anna is driven to accomplish her dream. We are excited for her as she studies hard for her test in January: if successful, she will be accepted into the Economical High School to take part -ime classes. As Anna works towards her goal, we will walk with, and help her, to fulfill her dream.

*Surname not included for security reasons

Published: Thursday, 26 January 2017
Credit: OM International
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