Perseverance in adversity

Rebecca Gaasrud | Guyana

Logos Hope’s stay in Georgetown, Guyana aligned with the area’s rainy season, so activities on shore and on board were often influenced by the weather of the day. One team witnessed the debilitating effects of the rain when they travelled to a community to run an event for children.

Arriving at the venue, the volunteers were surprised to find that only 10 kids had come to take part in the activities. “Let’s walk down the street and invite more children,” said the team’s host, a local children’s worker. As they walked, the man pointed out the damage done by the previous day’s rain. “When it rains a lot, this area floods, but depending on the time of day, if the tide is in, we cannot open up the gates to release the water. Many of the children cannot get out of their houses to come to the event because they are flooded in.”

The team rallied together the neighbourhood kids who could get out of their homes – some having to trudge through knee-deep fields of water to reach the road – and led them back to the church where the event was being held.

Through singing, dancing, and games, the crewmembers sought to bring joy and laughter to the kids in the flooded community. The team’s host helped to entertain the children, bringing out a puppet and putting on a show. “For me it was inspiring to work alongside our host and see how passionate he is in his work with the community’s children,” said Simone Merz (Switzerland).

The culturally diverse group of volunteers also brought a message of love, perseverance, and reconciliation, using a drama to demonstrate how Logos Hope’s 400 crewmembers, from 60 nations, overcome challenges and live in harmony despite racial differences. The team hopes that the message, reinforced by the fun had with the assorted group, will be an encouragement to the children to persevere in all types of adversity.

Published: Friday, 06 January 2017
Credit: Rebecca Gaasrud
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