A Child's answered prayer

Carlos Montañes | Ecuador

On April 16, 2016, a strong earthquake shook Ecuador, causing devastation and destruction in many parts of the country. La Estancia/Simón Bolívar is one community that was affected by the earthquake. OM has been focusing on this community to rebuild houses, share the gospel and disciple believers. 

In December, the OM team served the community through practical acts and ministries. One task was helping with concrete floors in homes so that families could complete their houses before Christmas. 

They also hosted a mini-soccer tournament with children and teenagers. One of those children, twelve-year-old Jean Pierre, was on the winning team. Afterwards, there was a local church service with Pastor Jaime Saltos from the nearby community of Salinas. Pastor Saltos preaches the gospel in La Estancia every Saturday afternoon.

After hearing the message of God that Pastor Saltos shared, Jean Pierre decided to commit his life to Christ at twelve years of age. He knew that there was going to be a Christmas celebration the next day for the community with a focus on children, and he was very eager to get a soccer ball as a present.

He shared his dream with OM team member, Consuelo from Colombia, who shared that she could not control what present he would get but prayed with him, asking Jesus for a soccer ball for Jean Pierre.

The next day, the Christmas celebration took place with traditional Spanish and Latin American Christmas carols called “villancicos," as well as games. 

Consuelo saw Jean Pierre holding a round, well-wrapped, Christmas gift. She asked him, “is that your Christmas gift?” With a confused look he answered, "yes," and opened it. Both shared great joy when they discovered that it was the greatly desired and asked for present - a soccer ball!

Consuelo told Jean Pierre how he can trust his heavenly father for His provision and that He really loves and cares for him. “He answered your prayer! He answered your prayer!” she said as she hugged a smiling Jean Pierre, the treasured soccer ball safely in his arms.

Published: Thursday, 25 May 2017
Credit: Carlos Montañes
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