The call to serve

Stefany Santos | El Salvador

In January, the OM El Salvador team visited the rural community of La Ceiba, located in Ahuachapán. It is a very poor community where most of the people are farmers.

During their time in the community, they had the opportunity to talk with the local pastor's children: thirteen-year-old Iván and ten-year-old Ulises.  They go to school in the town of Ataco, which is a one and a half hour walk from their home. Their lives used to revolve around school and soccer. Now, the boys share how their lives have been impacted by their father's decision to be a full-time pastor. 

Ulises and Iván help support their father by working in a small business making piñatas. Both feel very happy to do so and they also help him at the church where he works.They have been given a front row seat to experience ministry at the church. 

Ulises likes to work with the children and play the drums. He has a servant's heart which is why he says he wants to be a doctor, but would also like to be a pastor like his father. Iván likes to visit people from the church and do evangelism. He enjoys playing the Spanish percussion instrument the güiro, and states that he would like to be a pastor when he grows up. In their free time after schoolwork is done, they play soccer with their friends. 

Two years ago they learned about the La Haus ministry, which is organised by OM El Salvador. This is a ministry where OM teammates share about God's love with children both in and out of school program as well as disciple women.

“It encourages me to see how the brothers and sisters (of OM) work with the children. I want to serve God like they do," Ulises said. “I like to see how they teach values and to respect others and I like to see how they help the people of the church when they visit them," Iván added. 

What a beautiful thing to see young children serving God and following their father’s example.

Please pray for Ulises and Iván that God may fulfill the desires of their heart.

Published: Tuesday, 06 June 2017
Credit: Stefany Santos
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