Strategic Worship Outings create chance for connection

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For the strategic worship initiative, teams from OM Israel set up “worship pavilions” (garden canopies), in numerous public spots within the city limits and in the Jezreel Valley. 

Frequently these events attract the attention of local people passing by, who respond in a positive way to strangers playing music and singing in public places. 

A short-term team participating in the Hope of Israel programme was sent to a specific location to conduct a worship outing from Mt. Gilboa. However, the GPS coordinates they were given led to a closed military base. Not to be deterred, the team simply found an alternative site on the side of a fairly busy road. 

Soon into their worship time, a car of Israelis stopped to take photos. They inquired as to who these foreigners were standing on the side of the road and singing. This led to a conversation that ended with the Israeli couple inviting the team to visit them on their nearby kibbutz in the Jezreel Valley.

These worship times are designed for an audience of God. Yet, many times, these worship music sessions lead to conversations with curious onlookers.

Pray for these worship times to the audience of One to become witness events for the salvation of many.

Published: Thursday, 18 May 2017
Credit: OM International
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