The Day in between

Mary May | North Africa

Maria* sat at home in North Africa on the Saturday of Easter weekend, feeling rather tired, when she received a phone call from her friend. This friend, Fatiha*, would often ring when she was in town to say, ‘Come and join me’, in this restaurant or that cafe. 

On this occasion Maria thought, ‘Oh, no, I don’t feel like going. I didn’t plan for this today.’ On the other hand, she’d been thinking about Fatiha for a while and it was time they met up. So Maria went out to meet her friend.

Maria had to wait for a long time at the cafe, and when Fatiha eventually came she was with a friend. They had been waiting for some repairs or alterations to be done at the tailor's. Then they asked about work – teaching Arabic, for one of them and for the other, some house cleaning. It seemed Fatiha had suggested to the other woman that Maria might be able to find her some work.

Then suddenly the conversation opened up about Saturday – the day in-between. Maria was able to explain why she had celebrated Good Friday the day before, why the day of Jesus’ death, which his followers call Good Friday, was, in fact, good news. She also told them about Easter Sunday, Jesus’ resurrection and what that meant for her.

The ladies listened attentively and were interested when they heard that many had seen Jesus after the resurrection and that many had witnessed Jesus’ ascension into heaven. They listened, without any of the usual objections.

By the time Maria got up from the table and said her goodbyes, she was happy she had made the effort to meet friends on the day in between and share about the meaning of Easter.

Open door in the classroom 

Maria had another opportunity to share about the meaning of Easter when she had her English class the following week. When preparing the conversation topic for that week, Maria couldn’t seem to think of anything spiritual in the form of a story, parable or proverb to share with her class relating to the topic.

However, her students asked directly about Easter and about how Maria had celebrated it and what it meant. So Maria had another wonderful opportunity to share about Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Please pray for Maria as she seeks to share truths about Jesus with her friends and students in North Africa; that she would know God’s wisdom and courage and take up God-given opportunities to show God’s love and proclaim His truth. Please pray for her students and friends, that they would be open to hear about the truth of the gospel and that many would come to Christ.

*Name changed

This account is written by OM worker Mary May, who has lived in the North Africa region for many years and who enjoys reading and writing about what God is doing.

Published: Wednesday, 03 May 2017
Credit: Mary May
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