From meaningless to meaningful

Stefany Santos | El Salvador

In January 2016, the OM El Salvador team did a community diagnosis in the rural area of La Ceiba in order to get to know the community better. They visited 50 families, doing medical examinations at each home. In this way they began to share God’s word and build relationships with each family.

During the visits, the OM team met Rubén and his family, who were not Christians. Some time afterwards, Rubén decided to give his life to God, without thinking about how that decision would change their lives forever, especially that of his wife. 

Rubén's wife, Gloria Elizabeth, had been Catholic since the day she was born. Her mother-in-law had been praying and sharing God's word with her for fourteen years. Throughout the years, Gloria Elizabeth could see God’s changing power in her life through her children’s health.

Rubén and Gloria have six children, and there have been mulitple occassions when one or more were very sick. As the medical clinic is located a great distance away, their family was unable to go to the doctor. In these moments of sickness and fear, she prayed for her children, full of faith that God would heal them. He did heal them, and she saw how God could answer prayer. 

When Rubén accepted God, Gloria decided to take this step in her life as well. She shared, “My life did not make sense before. I was sad and without peace, but now, I have peace in my heart because I know that God is with me." 

Gloria continued, “I met OM through the visits to our community.  Every time they checked our health, it helped a lot, and they also encouraged us to continue in God's way." 

Gloria shared that her prayer request is to learn to read, and also to be more involved at the church and in other areas as well. The OM El Salvador team is thankful for the opportunity God has given them to work amongst the poorest communities of the country.

Pray that God would continue to use the OM El Salvador team to reach the unreached. 

Published: Wednesday, 31 May 2017
Credit: Stefany Santos
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