From the streets to seminary

OM International | Central Asia

Written by an OM team member living in Central Asia:

When we first went to visit the homeless on the outskirts of a Central Asian city; it was freezing cold, we were chased by dogs and the people were vicious and hostile towards us. This is how our ministry began.

As we persisted in bringing noodles, hot tea and words of hope to these people throughout the winter they slowly began to accept and trust us. People have started coming along to local fellowships. People have started asking us for help escaping homelessness and finding new lives.

One such man is Azamat. We were able to bring him into a rehabilitation house and he began to learn about God and to get his life back on track. His passion for God grew and he is now studying at seminary.

One of our greatest encouragements has been the involvement of the local church. This is a ministry that must always be motivated by love and the local churches are showing love and sharing faith with the homeless of the city. Praise God that He sees each suffering person. He will not forget, or allow us to forget them.

Please pray that God will send more workers to this ministry and that He will provide finances to allow us to open our own rehabilitation centre.

Published: Tuesday, 21 March 2017
Credit: OM International
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