“What shall I do with Buddha now?”

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Asel*, an ethnic Tuvan, studies at the Discipleship centre (DC). The Tuvan ethnic group is one of the least-reached people groups in Russia. Asel likes to share the gospel with people from her nationality, but doesn’t often have such chances. But recently she had an opportunity to meet another Tuvan girl and share God's love.

Every week people from different Asian nationalities gather together for a service. Asel knew about it and wanted to participate in one of the meetings. She came to the service, which united Korean, Tuvan, Uzbek and other believers. They worshipped God together and had sermons.

Although this meeting is for Christians, one non-Christian girl, Dina*, came. She is a student in that city and came from a little town with a rich Buddhist history. Dina grew up in the Buddhist culture and considered herself to be Buddhist, but her friend who is a Christian invited her to the meeting. Dina enjoyed this time, singing songs and listening to the sermons.

After the service, Asel came and talked with Dina in their native language and asked if she had heard about God before. Dina answered: “No, I am a Buddhist. I guessed that it was a Christian meeting”. She added: “What shall I do with Buddha now?”

Asel and her family used to practice Buddhism and worship idols. That’s why it was easy for her to share her experience in finding the truth and explain the gospel. The DC student also told her that Jesus is the Lord for Russian, as well as Tuvans and other nationalities. Dina listened to her very carefully and asked questions. Her eyes were filled with tears and she was looking for the right way. Asel offered her to pray and call to God. They prayed together and Dina repented.

Now Asel continues to communicate with Dina and desires to involve her in Bible Study group.

Please pray for Dina as she learns to follow Christ.

*Names changed

Published: Tuesday, 27 June 2017
Credit: OM International
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