Praying for a woman in prostitution

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During one of OM’s Companion Ministry outreaches in Hong Kong, the team met a woman, Po Po* who had been in the sex industry for more than 20 years. Po Po had become pregnant as a young teenager and later had worked in nightclubs, massage parlors, and even gotten involved in illegal prostitution in other Asian countries and Europe.

Earlier in life Po Po was engaged in other professions until she became addicted to gambling, and her extravagant spending habits made her expenses soar. Her debts caused her to enter into the sex industry. 

As Po Po told the team about her past, including her broken marriage and alienated mother-child relationship, she didn’t reveal any emotion at all. It seemed that “she had become accustomed to her identity and lifestyle,” one team member recalled. In the face of her experiences, Po Po seemed to feel numb. “I thought it would be very difficult for anyone to say something to touch her heart,” the team member shared.

Before the team left, they asked if they could pray for Po Po and she readily agreed. While they were praying, Po Po started to cry, and the team knew that the Holy Spirit was ministering to her.

Po Po shared that she had attended a Christian School and had heard of Jesus. The team then explained more of the gospel – that her true identity is as a precious daughter of God, who is valued and loved. They even reminded her that there were different options in life, and that it was not necessary for her to remain where she was. Po Po was greatly touched, and as she held hands with a team member, she shed tears again. Before the team left, Po Po thanked them and they each gave her a hug.

Since then, the team has not been able to make contact with Po Po again, so they have no way of knowing how she is doing or what the conversation that night may have sparked in her heart. Please pray that God would guide Po Po away from the sex industry and that she might experience the loving embrace of her Father.

*name changed

Published: Thursday, 13 April 2017
Credit: OM International
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