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When OM team member Paul* first moved to Domboshava he was not on a spiritual journey, but was looking for land to buy so he could build a house for his family--which is exactly what he did.

Paul found himself more than 50 kilometres away from his church in Highfield, Harare. He and his family needed to find a church in the area to fellowship with.

Being a peri-urban setting, Domboshava is a melting pot whose setting between town and country is visibly defined by mansions of new arrivals amid a sea of poverty of the original inhabitants.  

To get a semblance of life, some poverty-stricken young people engage in risky behaviour as they try to attain a higher standard of life. Some women work in the sex industry while young men abuse drugs to escape the reality of their situation. It is also common for the elderly to move from household to household in search of the local brew in typical country fashion.

As Paul searched for a new church to fellowship in, he was instead confronted with an opposite picture. “I knew God had not just given us a home in Domboshava for our mere enjoyment. But I didn’t think he had given us a flock to shepherd either”.   

Instead of fitting in an established church, Paul used his OM training and his passion for the lost to plant a new church. The church already has twelve committed members and they have two cell groups in two locations. Some members of the new church plant were themselves new arrivals in the area and lacked a congregation to fellowship with. However, the new church has already made inroads into reaching the youths and the elderly in the area.

“There is still a lot of work to be done. Our vision for this new church is to be a mission-minded church that will overflow in love and character to impact the community”, Paul said. His vision for the church has two steps: “First we need to empower our members with Bibles and other materials for them to grow and mature in faith. Then we would like to empower our members and the community at large with life skills training to enable them to make a life for themselves and others."  

*Pray for continued growth and maturity of the new believers in the new church and cell groups.  

Published: Wednesday, 12 July 2017
Credit: OM International
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