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OM’s development activities in Bangladesh are relationally oriented. This gives team members a natural contact for people to inquire about why they are different and opens a door to share about the hope they have in Christ.

In one district, OM had supported a school for many years, providing school benches, a blackboard, a toilet and even additional training for teachers. Through frequent contact, a deeper connection with the school staff was developed.

Palash*, the school headmaster asked, “Is there anything more you can do for our school?”

Because of his interest in further resources, he visited the office again and again. OM team member Tutul* enjoyed talking with him. Tutul shared the gospel with him and over time he came to know Christ. Later his wife Disha* became a believer as well. In her role as a village primary school teacher, she could, by her actions and gentleness, be a light for Christ among her students and their families.

Witnessing vibrancy of believers

When Andrew*, a European OM team member, visited this district, he could see the fruit of Tutul’s relational ministry. There sat Palash and Disha, as well as one of Disha’s friends, another teacher, who were going through OM’s discipleship course.

“I don’t think I have ever been in a meeting where I saw such direct trickle-down of witness from one to another. It was such a privilege,” Andrew remarked. 

Woodyard fellowship

In the same district lived a man named Saiful*, who was a woodyard owner. He was contracted by OM to provide benches for schools in the area. Through relationship, he also became a believer in Jesus.

Because of his faith, Saiful had a reputation for being fair in his business. Through his witness, others wanted to know more about Jesus. On his visit, Andrew joined a fellowship of about 30 people, who met at the woodyard.

“I could see the gospel witness carry on and see how the people have benefited from OM’s projects from a business side as well,” he said.

But their questions took Andrew by surprise. “How do we have a meeting? How do we do church? Do we have to have a building to meet in?” the young believers asked. Being sensitive to not impose his Western concepts, Andrew engaged with their questions to help them explore how to structure their Christian fellowship with respect to their own culture.

“They are such young believers who have no traditions and no understanding. It was quite incredible to see the rawness of their faith and their genuine questions and desire to worship God,” Andrew added. 

How will people know?

It has been said that the number one reason more unreached people are not coming to faith is because they have never met a follower of Jesus. “How else do you come to know Christ unless you actually see it in practice?” Andrew responded. “I think believers in Bangladesh have such a key role of being there practically for people. There are many nice people, but only those who have a message of transformation and life-changing truth in Christ can make a true difference in people’s lives.” 

OM’s desire is to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached in Bangladesh. Pray for unity in these small fellowships and their multiplication for God’s glory.

*Names changed to protect identities.

Published: Wednesday, 17 May 2017
Credit: OM International
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