"The hairs on my arms are standing up!"

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Today, few villages around Jesus’s home town of Nazareth have any known believers. "It is our passion to see believers and churches raised up in all of these villages," explained the OM Israel ministry leader.

"Our first visit to one of these villages was a good start. Six people talked with us about Jesus," he shared. 

He described one encounter in which a Muslim man, Ahmed*, seemed especially receptive. Ahmed is the head of his extended family. Ahmed cheerfully gave the visitors a tour of his house. The house was filled with all kinds of souvenirs, paintings and weapons he has acquired from many places in Israel over the last four decades.

On the second visit to Ahmed’s home it wasn't long before the talk turned to spiritual things. When asked what he thought about Jesus, Ahmed said that Jesus is the Son of God. This was not a typical answer for a Muslim! In fact, his grandfather was a Christian and there are other Christians among his relatives as well.

His understanding about Jesus took a significant turn a year ago. He visited America and met a woman who gave him a New Testament in Arabic. Ahmed was quite proud of this gift of a holy book, even though he wasn’t reading it yet.

On the first blank page in the Bible this woman wrote that she was praying for him to know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The two OM team members were telling Ahmed the same thing as the woman had shared, which he said completely amazed him!

The team members asked permission to pray for Ahmed before taking leave. As the team members prayed for him, Ahmed exclaimed, “Look! The hairs on my arms are standing up!” 

Ahmed explained he now desires to read the Bible every day to learn what’s inside the covers. The OM team members recalled, the encounter with Ahmed showed how God works through the faithful prayers of His people.

*Name changed

Please pray that Ahmed will faithfully read God's Word. Pray the relationships, words and the lifestyle of the OM ministry team in Israel will help Ahmed to understand and receive the salvation that is in Jesus.

Published: Wednesday, 31 May 2017
Credit: OM International
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