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Tel Aviv is Israel's second largest city, after Jerusalem. It is well known for its technology industry and gorgeous beaches. Yet, an underbelly of darkness resides beneath the gleaming exterior. In a derelict area, the down and out struggle for existence. Drug addicts and women in prostitution mingle on streets among legitimate businesses.

In the midst of this darkness, OM partners with a ministry to bring the gospel of Jesus to this Tel Aviv location. At the ministry center, people in need are given food, clothes, haircuts, and more. Jonah*, a local business owner, despises and dehumanises these individuals. He often expresses frustration when the ministry center is open because the team "brings trash to his door."

OM worker Joshua*, has had gospel and philosophical conversations with Jonah. Joshua shares, "He enjoys talking with me. I explain to him that we aim to share love, truth, respect and hope with the people on the streets — the exact things he appreciates and values."

Joshua explains most of the people he helps are under the influence of drugs and it seems almost impossible to have a rational, quality gospel conversation with them. Sometimes he wonders if anything ever gets through.

However, there are other circles of people watching and quietly witnessing what is happening: police, social workers, dealers, shop owners and customers.

Please pray for those who witness this ministry, to understand that this is done in the name of our Savior Jesus! To Him alone be glory, honor and praise. Pray for the OM team members and the other volunteers who serve this ministry.

*Name changed

Published: Wednesday, 21 June 2017
Credit: OM International
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