Driven out and called back

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Kabir*, a believer from the majority faith background, left his family and home three years ago because of fear of persecution and better job opportunities in the city. He accepted Christ through a Bible correspondence course. Another reason for him to leave the area was that no other Christians lived around him and his thirst to learn more about Jesus was increasing day by day. Kabir comes from south Punjab, a region considered radicalized with sleeping cells of extremists all around.

Kabir’s uncle, whom he described as a radical Muslim cleric, learned that Kabir was not practicing Islam and was reading Christian books through the postal service. One afternoon when Kabir was out of his house, his uncle searched his bedroom and found the Injeel (New Testament) along with other Christian books in his cupboard. He became angry, tore the books and later burnT them in front of Kabir. This was painful for Kabir, although the physical beating by his cousins was unbearable too.

After a week, Kabir secretly left his hometown and moved to a big city to find a job and place of spiritual nourishment. Through a mutual friend, he got in contact with OM team members. After hearing his story, the team members encouraged him to return to his hometown and witness for Christ. He remained in the fellowship and started to pray for his hometown and family’s salvation too. Contact with other believers allowed Kabir to grow deeper in his understanding of God and the Scriptures.

It took six months for Kabir to make the decision of returning to his hometown. During this period, he was receiving regular calls from his mother with the same plea to return home, and to practice whatever faith he wished. But, his uncle’s phone call really helped him to decide to go back as his uncle mentioned to him, “I am suffering from severe headaches and having dreams about burning your books. I want to give you all the books back. Please come back and let me know where to buy those for you.” Kabir replied to him, “Those books are not commonly available in bookstores, and I already have the Injeel, so don’t worry about getting those back. I will pray for your healing.” But his uncle was persistent in calling him to come back as the headaches were unbearable.

Kabir shared the issue with the men on OM’s team and they urged him that God wanted him to go back and work among his family and hometown. Kabir finally returned to his hometown and prayed for his uncle, who was healed afterwards. Kabir is now leading a fellowship group in his hometown, while OM team members are in regular contact with him and discipling him to disciple others. Through building up local believers, OM is working toward vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.

Please pray for Kabir to keep shining as a light in his hometown and reaching out to people around him in different ways; he runs a library with Christian and other literature and does community development work, as well. Pray for OM teams to continue to witness for Christ with boldness and equip believers from the majority faith background to reach their own communities effectively.

*Name changed to protect identity.

Published: Friday, 12 January 2018
Credit: OM International
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