Ministry in the home

Jana Eller | Near East

Amala* visits the prisons every week to minister to the foreigners and the poor. This has proved to be a taxing yet fruitful ministry for Amala, where the prisoners can pray and worship together. While she pursues these ministries, she keeps her prayer journal in hand to write down specific prayer requests to spend free moments in prayer.

Home as a ministry

In recent months, however, she and her husband have begun a new ministry, taking three teenagers into their home. These include a Syrian boy and girl, both in the host country to attend school, and a Palestinian orphan, coming into Amala's home after several years on the streets.

“Having these three additional people, who are [from] difficult backgrounds, took sometimes quite a bit of energy, to be honest,” Amala said.

Each child brings a story of hardship. Moreover, their diverse backgrounds bring into sharp contrast the cultural differences on a daily basis, according to Amala. This caused quite an adjustment period for Amala and her family, as well as for the teenagers. Coming from their difficult pasts, “to them…what’s mine is yours, and of course you can lie to defend yourself. This is a lifestyle, and so to take somebody in, it’s 24/7,” Amala said. “This can sometimes be a bit challenging.”

However, despite the difficulties, Amala and her husband trust and rely on God so that they can love the teens. And they've seen that God's Word never returns empty. The Palestinian teenager has turned to Christ during his time in Amala’s home.

“It’s a process, but God is working in his life. In these months, I think we’ve seen him come a long way, and this is beautiful,” Amala said. “And there are answers to prayer, God does answer prayers. And then when you see an answer to prayer it’s really beautiful.”

The others continue to learn more about Jesus Christ and what it looks like to follow him. These victories, along with the support of their local church, encourage and strengthen her to pursue God’s calling on her life and her home.

She continues to see the Lord’s faithfulness in her home and in her current ministries and asks for prayer, that God would continue to provide salvation, healing and justice among the teenagers in her own home, as well as the women in prisons and the Syrian refugee communities.

*Name changed

OM communications intern Jana Eller is a student studying journalism and missions and loves to see how God is moving among the nations. She is always up for spontaneous adventures and exploring new things.

Published: Friday, 28 July 2017
Credit: Jana Eller
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