Flower power

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A team from OM's Hope of Israel outreach programme went to a Muslim town to engage in conversations. The small team walked into a flower shop and engaged in small talk. This led to a hospitable welcome and invitation to sit down. The shop keeper asked why they were in his town, and not on the main tourist route. The team shared that they love Jesus and that’s why they were in Israel.

The team bought four flowers and the store owner gave them a fifth flower for free.  As a gift, the team gave a New Testament and a tract to the shop owner.

The team proceeded down the street to give away the flowers in the community. One young woman, in astonishment, said no one had ever done that for her before. “Why are you doing this?”

The team explained about Jesus’ love that brought them to Israel, to this town, and to give this flower to her.

Other conversations were of varying lengths, but each of the five flowers found a grateful hand, produced a large grin and resulted in an opportunity to share about Jesus. Each person gladly received a tract or New Testament as well.

The flowers served as effective icebreakers to open conversations.

OM Israel: "We pray these flower recipients receive the Rose of Sharon, Jesus, as their Lord and Saviour."

Published: Friday, 25 August 2017
Credit: OM International
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