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During an annual outreach in Pakistan, OM hosted an outreach, bringing participants together in small teams to share the gospel in 12 cities throughout the country’s tribal areas and the most remote regions.

As one team made plans to visit a local hospital, the team leader sensed God encouraging them to speak bold­ly about Christ. Upon arrival, they visited a children’s ward and went from bed to bed, asking patients if they wanted prayer in Jesus’ name. Though hesitant, one mother allowed them to pray for her sick child. While the team prayed, people gathered around with their sick children. Before long, many were asking for prayer and healing for their children. Team members took courage at this response and prayed for 20 patients, in the end also visiting four other wards. When it was time to leave, the team connected these patients with a local pastor for further follow-up.

Team member Sumera* expressed, “I was very afraid in the morning, when told that we would be boldly praying in the name of Jesus among Muslims, as that could create a dangerous situation for us. But as we prayed for the first patient, and patients kept coming to us, I didn’t feel any pressure and was rejoicing over God’s provision.”

Another team visited a community in the desert. The previous year, people there had received food packs provided by the OM team in response to a famine. The villagers, most of whom are Hindu, were excited to receive the team a second time. Kyval*, one of the villagers, said, “Since you gave us food packs and prayed for our situation, we have seen growth in our provisions. For the past 12 months, we could feed ourselves and our cattle. For decades, we were struggling to come to this point and that never happened until you prayed. Please keep coming and praying for us.”

The team also arranged a “Jesus” film showing that 200 villagers attended. Many of them said they were curious to know more about Jesus, so the local team plans on visiting this community regularly to build relationships and teach from the Bible.

The third team visited the shrine of a famous religious saint. There the team saw couples and individuals approaching the grave of the saint, weeping and begging for their needs to be fulfilled. The team members talked with different visitors and were able to explain that God could hear their prayers from every place, and that there is only one intercessor for the world, Isa Al-Masih (Jesus Christ). Shameem*, a visitor to the shrine, told a team member, “I have travelled three hours to come to this place, and no one in my village told me that Allah [God] could hear my prayers from anywhere. Thanks for sharing about Isa; I will now be praying in Isa’s name.” She also took a New Testament the team members offered and promised to read it.

A fourth team went to a drug rehabilitation centre, where team member Naeem* told his personal testimony to 20 for­mer drug users. Naeem used to be a drug supplier and came to know Jesus through the work of an evangelist in his area. He shared, “I was supplying drugs and making lots of money from it and becoming very greedy, but God helped me see through a brother that I was destroying lives in the pursuit of money. I quit this activity, accepted Christ as my Saviour and found God to be a wonderful provider. He is fulfilling all my needs, and I am now sharing about Christ to others.”

Four men approached Naeem afterwards to express their gratitude for the way his testimony encouraged them. Jameel*, a former drug user, told him, “I have never seen someone making such a sacrifice for others.”

Naeem instantly replied, “Isa gave His live for others’ sake, and I am following Him.”

“I want to learn why Isa gave His life,” Jameel replied. Naeem then explained to Jameel about Christ’s love for the world and connected him with local team members who could continue in conversation with him.

*Name changed for security

Published: Tuesday, 12 December 2017
Credit: OM International
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