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In past years the number of women writing into the Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) in Istanbul, Turkey was less than 10 per cent. Though not yet close to 50 per cent, the number of women is now over 30 per cent. With that in mind, please pray for women in Turkey and use these three women as a foundation of what to pray for.

Özlem* contacted the BCC several months ago. One of the follow-up people met with her and answered some of her many questions. She continued to work through the correspondence courses, devour the books she was given and communicate with the BCC through WhatsApp messages. After she read the book 90 Questions she was eager to ask her BCC follow-up contact even more questions. She and two of her friends started going to a local church where they attended the Plan of Salvation course.

Fatma* was very open when she first met her BCC follow-up person. She said she wanted to be baptized – even though she didn't exactly know what that meant. They talked about creation, salvation, the Lord's supper, what God's commands are and baptism. Fatma enthusiastically asked about all of these things and the BCC person was happy to try and answer her questions. They met on a regular basis and she continued to read the Bible and pray. When Fatma considered attending church, the BCC team put her in touch with the church closest to her home and prayed that God would protect her as she searched for the truth. The team thought that Fatma really needed a good knowledge of God's Word so that she would be ready to make a firm commitment when the time came. She and her daughter eventually began to attend a church which they liked very much. At the pastor's home, with the BCC contact, Fatma made a commitment of faith in Jesus and continues to grow in her faith.

When Dicle* contacted the BCC through the chat line she was connected with Edona*, one of the regular BCC follow-up personnel in Istanbul, and the two started messaging each other regularly. Dicle was very hungry to know more about God and started reading the New Testament. She soon began to attend a local church in her area and came to faith in Jesus! Her mother, siblings, and aunts have rejected her because of her faith but her husband supports her. Edona and Dicle still meet up from time to time. She goes regularly to meetings at her church and recently brought her cousin to church and asked for prayer for her. She is so thankful for her contact with the BCC and wants to visit the office sometime and say thank you.

Pray for the many women like Özlem, Fatma and Dicle in Turkey who are searching to find and know a God of Love. They are often in very difficult situations with many barriers to cross in order to follow Jesus.

*Name changed

Published: Monday, 20 November 2017
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