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Travelling in an unreached city in north eastern Turkey, Mary*, an OMer, and her friend Agnes* stepped into a small shop to buy bottles of water. A conversation started easily with the shop keeper, Şenay*, the wife of the Muhtar (neighbourhood chief). While chatting Mary mentioned she sometimes helps with follow up for the Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) and explains the Bible to interested women. Şenay perked up, “I have read the Koran, but I've never read the Bible: would you be able to get a Bible for me? The shop was very busy, so Şenay asked the ladies to return later.

When they did, Şenay said, "I have always wondered what the Bible says." Mary took the opportunity to explain the message of the gospel in a nutshell showing her Romans 4 and how we are justified through faith in Jesus. Şenay kept saying, "That is so beautiful!!" She added, "In Islam people try to earn their way to God, but they can never make it. But for you, you receive salvation as a free gift from God. I would love to read the New Testament and meditate on what it says." She was thrilled to receive a New Testament. Pray for Şenay and her family to receive the free gift of salvation.

Pray for women like her to receive the message of the gospel in their hearts and enter into relationship with Jesus, the Saviour of the world.

*Name changed

Published: Friday, 23 March 2018
Credit: OM International
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